Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Mini Books for Sale

* New merch just in time for Spring *

DRAWN THRU is the first collection of my personal work I've printed up for 6 years. 6 years?! I know, it's been a while. But if people like this format then I'd love to print up other series, like the Africa illustrations.

It's 20 pages (color) and features artwork I made last year while I was drawing thru depression and existential crisis. (Which reads more optimistic than it might sound) 
It also features a special cut-out page!

SEALED was originally published on ACT-I-VATE online webcomix collective in 2009 as I was developing Page by Paige. In fact, this was the first comic I made that was more than a couple pages long!  It was my first exploration of comic page layout and lettering...and it reveals how I could not draw hands.

It's 16 pages (in classic avocado green) and is all about growing up TUPPERWARE, from a kid's point of view as well as an adult feminist perspective. Apologies if this is embarrassing for any members of my family!

*Shipping Note: It's just $1 per book to ship within the USA! If you place an order for someplace abroad, you can expect an e-request from me asking for an extra couple bucks to cover the difference.



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Wendy S said...

My copies of Sealed and Drawn Thru arrived yesterday. Beautiful! I totally recommend them!