Monday, April 21, 2014

Awesome Con Recap

Awesome Con lived up to its name 
this past weekend in Washington, D.C.!

* Click here to see my favorite 5 costumes *

I got to lead a workshop on mini-comics (which of course I didn't get photos of) as well as be a guest on two panels. The first was the "Comics, Not Just for Adults Anymore!" panel with Jeremy Whitley, Jamal Igle, and Mike Raicht.

The other was the "Representation is Important" panel on diversity in comics with
Jeremy Whitley, Amy Chu, Alitha Martinez, and Alex Simmons. This one was PACKED and Alex did a great job moderating the lively discussion.

Let's see...what's my favorite thing about comic con? 
Meeting readers! And mine are by far the sweetest.

And you never know what surprises people will bring to your table. Like fan art...
 ...or comic creator trading cards!

Since I grew up in NOVA (Northern Virginia) this was my first comic con back on home turf. Hence the other awesome surprises were friends from back in school! Like larper Tony, who I was in marching band with back at Osbourn Park High School...
...and potter Jess (and new mom!) who I've known since James Madison University back in our art honor fraternity days.

And the final surprise was that I got a comic-con-survival swag bag...which of course I didn't even notice until I was packing up. (wa-waaah)  But check out what was inside! This will come in handy for TCAF in Toronto next month for sure, but more details on that will be coming soon. ;-)

Currently Reading: Princeless by Jeremy Whitley and M. Goodwin. 

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Chase March said...

Are you going to be a TCAF? I didn't see your name on the website. It would be nice to see you and get my book signed.