Monday, February 3, 2014

Artner Playtime Part 1: Glitter!

You might remember that at my previous apartment when I held the housewarming party, I had a collaborative painting for guests to work on. So when I had the housewarming for my current place back in the summertime, of course I had to set out another project for guests to work on! 

This one was glitter based rather than drawing...

 But since we spent the whole party outside enjoying the patio, the artwork only got a few minutes of attention at the end of the party!  It's been sitting unfinished in my closet ever since.

But when Andrea Sparacio came by to shoot my place for Apartment Therapy last week, it became the perfect opportunity to pull back out the neglected canvas and finish it!

So here's how it looked at the start...

First we added more glitter (or course) and then filled in the empty spaces with black markers.

Next we added designs with bright paint to lighten things up...

And then finally added some black paint to really pump up the contrast. Here's the finished painting!

It now is adding some much-needed bling to my bathroom.  I love how it turned out! And even better, every time I see it I think about how much fun Andrea and I had making it. Artner love!!

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Kevin Marsh said...

Hello Laura,

Love what you did with the canvas! :-)