Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Free Comic Book Day & Geek Girls

I took part in Free Comic Book Day this weekend! 
Thank you Jon Gorga for inviting me out to do a signing at Mahnattan Comics & More...

...and to the brand new Carmine Street Comics! Lots of friendly folks came by and squeezed into their modest West Village storefront. And I'd like to give a shout-out to my cartoonist tablemate Nathan Burney, who breaks down criminal law in his Scott McCloud-esque comics.
Check out their artist-in-residence space in the front window! 
Having an artist at work sure is my kind of window dressing.

Oh, and I make a cameo in their Free Comic Book Day video...

(screen shot)

In Other News.... 
I'm one of the ladies interviewed in the new book "How Geek Girls Will Rule the World" by Jennifer Thorpe-Moscon! (The title pretty much says it all. Yes, we are taking over.)  I can't wait to read my copy pictured here, so if find geek-world-domination intriguing I recommend you snag one here.

 Currently Reading: When David Lost His Judith Vanistendael.

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