Thursday, April 18, 2013

Recent Odds and Ends

* I'm supporting Ladypoints and so should you! *

Ladypoints is a web-series focused on celebrating women who have come to define success in their own terms and seeks to find out how they do the awesome things that they do while balancing 'real world' responsibilities like paying the rent.

I've donated copies of Page by Paige for their Kickstarter bundles and they only have a few more days to go! Please check out their Kickstarter or Tumblr learn more about this empowering project.  (And here's their spotlight on me and making comics for girls.)

* My art's on a new book cover! *
  When Carol Kelley emailed me about using one of my drawings for the cover of her new book Accidental Immigrants and the Search for Home, I was thrilled! I mean, just read this synopsis and tell me it doesn't sound inspiring:

The effect of immigration on individual lives is not short lived. Those who stay in an adopted country permanently go through a continual process of adjustment and learning both about their new country-and about themselves. The four women profiled in Carol Kelley's poignant Accidental Immigrants and the Search for Home challenge immigrant stereotypes as their lives are transformed by moving to new countries for reasons of marriage, education, or career--not economics or politics.

And this was the original drawing it was based on...

* And a random new drawing! *
At MoCCA Fest I attended the 5th annual Drink and Draw Like a Lady event, where I ended talking (and drinking) the whole time instead of drawing! However, I did do a some drawing at a nearby bar instead. All the light bulbs on the ceiling reminded me of something my character Will would love, so I simply had to draw it!

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