Thursday, March 7, 2013

Four NEW illustrations!

For years I would draw what I was feeling on a weekly basis, but I've been so busy working in other formats (aka: comics) that I have had no time for my regular regimen of self-art-therapy. But thankfully I made time for it this week, so now I have new artwork to share!  The first three paintings are made with gouache, the last one is cut paper. Click image to see bigger.

(And by the way, I finally just assembled all my personal artwork in a single gallery here.)

I've had trouble readjusting to New York after spending so much time in deep isolation over the past year. The world of ideas is so much easier to navigate, and far less overwhelming. Brushing off my social skills again makes me feel like a deep sea diver, coming up too fast and reeling with the bends.

This is the new sign for in my studio. Even though my heart is immune to my efforts to control it, my brain can be persuaded if I use logic. And logically, I'm tired of stressing over things as though it will somehow help the final outcome or improve the quality of work. It doesn't. So it's a waste of time, brain.

Running out of plan and moving past this second book has me wondering what's next. What's my end game? What's at the end of my rainbow? All I see is the big scary unknown, like a looming black hole. The visual of the two, from the cheery and ominous ends of the science spectrum, made me laugh.

Speaking of the great unknown that is my future,  it's fast approaching whether I like it or not. So I can either run and hide, or ride the chaos. I always want to choose the hide option, me being so sensitive and easily overwhelmed.  But rather than retreat I'll have to try and own it, feel it rather than fight it.  So let's open up the windows and let the storm rush in.


Kevin Marsh said...

Hello Laura Lee, great pics and love your philosophy. You must find time to do some more.
Well done, lovely blog.

All the best.

Kevin Marsh

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura Lee, my name is Iwan Kushka, I'm writing you from Devon, South of England, where I live. I'm a musician and storyteller. I wrote a small book called 'Travelling with Glaciers' that's still sitting on the shelf. The other day I was browsing Google images for a good picture with glaciers and found yours (Iceland Trip) and loved it straightaway. Took a long dive in the whole world of your illustrated life and your wonderful outpour of creativity! I also just designed a flyer for voice-work workshops and would love to use that glacier picture for it (the one where the small figure whispers into the glacier with the 'being/spirit' inside it). I guess it's courtesy to ask the artist for permission...
Amazingly, I am being flown out to NY this very weekend! With my mum and as a surprise for my godfather-uncle who lives in the city and turns 60. I'm in NY from Friday till Tuesday. I don't know whether you're around or not, and if yes, do you like the idea of meeting up? Maybe there's a crazy fancy-dress party? I can tell a spooky story...Anyway, should you feel inspired to get to know an anglo-belgian fellow artist, I'll leave you my email address here on your blog:
Maybe see you in Brooklyn!