Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bushcraft Birthday Party

Happy birthday, Bushcraft! 
(You can see all the pics from the past year HERE.) 

This seems a good moment to mention that we were recently featured on DIE HIPSTER
Yes indeed, they brutally bashed our finger painting gathering from a couple months ago!  It's really quite mean and ignorant. Ugh. This makes me appreciate my friends even more, that we can play and create and express ourselves in a judgement-free-non-cynical environment. Because it's much easier to mock and talk rather than risk and try.  In fact, getting their hands painty would probably be a far better outlet for their anger than anonymously slamming people on the internet.  Just sayin.'

Anyway, you might remember that last month we made pinatas, so this month we got to SMASH THEM.  But first, we did some activities from the book Tattoo a Banana: And Other Ways to Turn Anything and Everything Into Art by Phil Hansen.
There was an M&M version of The Scream...
 A cookie version of Mona Lisa...
And tattooing bananas of course!
There was also birthday tirimisu, since Bishop and I both were celebrating our birthdays last week.
On to the pinatas! Alas, a couple of them self-destructed (including my Borg ship) due to mold from being wrapped up in plastic before they were completely dry.  Lesson learned! 
(Diana couldn't make it to our smash-up, but check out how her sherry bottle turned out...)
Let the smashing began!
*Pics by Reid Harris Cooper and Andrea Sparacio!

Currently Reading: Graphic NYC Presents Dean Haspiel: The Early Years...By Christopher Irving and Dean Haspiel.


Jasper Hunter said...

billions around the world go hungry and these dummies use food to "play and create and express themselves"

Heyo said...

I don't think finger painting can really be described as taking a risk. Not bashing you guys but lets call a spade a spade