Thursday, July 24, 2014

"Uncharted Places" Music Video

has been released!

This is a MUSIC VIDEO I worked on over two years ago, which features the talented songwriter/ performer Alyson Greenfield!

It truly was a labor of love, bringing old and new friends together to help bring Director David Franklin's vision to life.  I assisted with the production during the film shoot, but mostly I designed & built those beautiful icarus wings! (That lantern I styled turned out cute, too.) It was especially cool to see how the greenscreen process works in person. I hope you enjoy how it turned out as much as I do!

As Alyson put it, "We worked with a notion of falling-- falling into sleep and dream, falling back down to earth from the heat and power of the sun, falling from the mast of a ship into the depths of the ocean, and an overarching notion of willingly falling into the unknown." 

Here's my behind-the-scenes video from the shoot, and you can read a more detailed blog post with pics about the journey HERE. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

*W&W Musical Summer Care Package Special!*

My Artners and I are working hard this summer to give the 
Will &Whit Musical wings....AND WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Please support our first Artner FUNdraiser!
**Please share this special dose of cure-for-summer-boredom 
with any parents, teachers, or librarians who might be interested**

* Shipping within USA, Available June 15th - July 15th, 2014.  *

Why is this a win-win?
  • This is an easy way to support the Will & Whit project. My Artners and I thank you!
  • It's a perfect gift for the Summer reader or young graduate in your life. Yay comics!
  • Who doesn't like getting snail mail?!  Especially from summer camp.
ORDER your care package here! 
Pssst--consider getting one for you and one for your local library.

Will & Whit Summer Care Package

We also welcome tax-deductible DONATIONS 
via our not for profit fiscal sponsor, 

* STAY TUNED for Artner updates from camp *

Friday, June 13, 2014

Will & Whit Musical: VIDEOS & Pics from Telegraph

Remember the Will & Whit Musical event
we held at Telegraph Gallery a couple months ago?

Here are the videos of the

Lights On, First Song from Will & Whit, The Musical from Larken on Vimeo.

Blue Crush, Song from Will & Whit, The Musical from Larken on Vimeo.

Willandia, performed by Tiffany Diane Smith, from Will & Whit, The Musical from Larken on Vimeo.

Present With You, Duet from Will & Whit, The Musical from Larken on Vimeo.

Hurricane Whitney, Crowd Sourced, Body of Sound Improv Exercice from Larken on Vimeo.

You can see MORE VIDEOS on our Vimeo Channel, which include
accompanying videos for each of these songs explaining the its story and inspiration.

And here are some PHOTOS taken at the event by Chad Van Pelt!  (More pics here.)

Thank you Telegraph for hosting us, our local performers for sharing their talent with us, and the Artners for truly bringing this project to life! 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Upcoming: Special Edition NYC

Next weekend I'll be back in New York for 

This is a BRAND NEW comic festival that celebrates comic book culture specifically created for fans, creators, and publishers.  This show branches off from NYCC, which has gotten so huge that this smaller scale version seems more up my alley. (groan) Please come by and say hi!

Sat. June 14th 10:00am - 7:00pm
Sun. June 15th 10:00am - 5:00pm

Javits Center (655 West 34th Street, NY NY)

$30 ahead of time, $35 day of (link here)

You can find me in Artist Alley @ Table R14

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Meet the Musical Artners


...We're workshopping the Will & Whit Musical this summer 
at Ballibay Performing Arts Camp in Pennsylvania! 
WOW. Larken and I will be headed to camp in just a few weeks where we'll be working with the talented staff and campers to put together our very first production.  I'm hammering out the script as we speak... 

Stay tuned next month for updates, pics, and surprises from camp!  Since we're bringing this project to the next stage of development I thought it would be a good time to...

* Introduce the ARTNERS *

I'm pleased to share our first photo shoot featuring all the Core Project Artners!  These photos were taken by the talented and versatile Chad Van Pelt.  Special thanks to Circa for hosting our photo shoot! Circa was the original visual inspiration for Foxxden Antiques, so it was the perfect location for us Foxxy ladies.  We definitley had fun...

Laura Lee Gulledge
Virginia/ Brooklyn based author, artist, and educator. 
Project Co-Founder, Librettist, Set Designer, Curriculum Writer.

{ Ya'll already know my bio so I'll skip mine }

Lauren Larken
Oakland/Vermont-based songbird, and activist. 
Project Co-founder, Lyricist, Interactivity Designer, Grant Writer, Producer.

Lauren is a songwriter, performer and creative campaign manager who believes that we have the power to change our lives everyday. She has been involved with music her entire life and writes songs everyday.  She majored in Theatre at University of Southern California and holds an MFA in Performance and Interactive Arts from Brooklyn College.  In 2002 she founded not for profit, Artistic Evolucion Inc in order to incubate social issue campaigns using creative means and has worked with amazing collaborators.  Larken is passionate about: ARTnership, singing everyday, developing daily non-toxic beauty rituals and creating spiritual retreats in nature. {}

Juliet Trail
Charlottesville-based songbird, musician and academic. 
Composer, Dramaturg,  Musical Collaborator.

Juliet is a perpetual student – of life and in formal education. She has a BA in Piano Performance (and Biology), an MA in Vocal Performance and is a Doctoral Student working towards a PhD in Higher Education. She has always loved mind-body approaches to the arts. The highly collaborative, embodied, creative process of developing the musical Will & Whit is right up her alley. Juliet works full-time at UVA as the Special Assistant to the Dean of Arts & Sciences. She is also the lead singer with the C’ville-based rock band, Phoenix Noir. {}

Ceci Vaughan
Charlottesville-based Realtor, musician, author and educator. 
Composer, Arranger, Musical Collaborator.

Ceci is a local Realtor and licensed Simply Music coach, a non-traditional piano pedagogy method. She is also a songwriter, an author, a mother of two very talented, strong young women and an avid community arts enthusiast. Collaborative efforts on the Will & Whit musical project have challenged her to draw on twenty years of classical training, and contemporary Praise Band experience, as well as the constant and continuous study of contemporary genres of music. Her daughters keep her young in spirit and remain her muses and inspiration. 

* Now how about some fun group shots? *

* And Some Silly Shots! *

Miss Piggy is such a vixen.

Coming (very) soon: ARTNER stickers!

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Mr Duck's NYC Farewell Tour

It's been 2 months since I left New York 
and I realize I forgot to post this earlier...
Mr Duck's Goodbye New York!

This is Mr Duck's 15TH YEAR accompanying me on adventures, which I turn into a calendar at the end of each year.  For this time around, I carried him around during my last month in NYC and snapped photos during my everyday escapades.  Enjoy!

Hogs & Heffers, Meat Packing District 

Upper East Side


Subway (the 2 train to be precise)

Strawberry Fields, Central Park

 Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)

 Grand Central Station, Midtown

 The Cloisters, Washington Heights

Low Brow Artique (Bushcraft!), Bushwick

Bergen Street Comics, Park Slope

Mehanata, Lower East Side

And finally....
A big thank you to Jamie Bernstein
Because she was the one who made my 7 year New York adventure possible. 
And the person who handed me my first graphic novel. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Le Zie, Chelsea

Okay just one more...

Currently Reading: Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller... by Joseph Lambert.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

TCAF Recap!

Here's my recap from this past weekend's Toronto Comic Arts Festival!

Firstly, it's held in the gorgeous Toronto Reference Library.  It's so pretty it practically DARES you to sit there and read a book. And it's organized by The Beguiling Bookstore, which really has the best selection of comics I've EVER SEEN omg drool.

I was upstairs where I shared a table with Andrew Carl and Josh O'Neill, the Philly fellas who run Locust Moon comics shop/ small press/ annual festival. I can't wait to see their next project coming out this fall, a Little Nemo tribute anthology!
 How about some cute fans?! Meeting readers (and your table neighbors) are the best part of doing a show like this.

Let's talk panels! I was on one with Katie Shanahan, Joan Reilly, Noelle Stevenson, and Lianne Sentar but alas I don't have any pics.  We spoke to a dedicated* group of attendees about what women want as a audience, the female vs male gaze, and our experiences working as a woman in the industry. (*dedicated because it was really hot in our room!)

I attended a few panels myself, including an AMAZING conversation with Canadian cartoonists Lynn Johnston (For Better of For Worse) and Kate Beaton (Hark a Vagrant), moderated rather wonderfully by Raina Telgemeier (Smile).  It was so packed, we had to watch them on the monitors!

Outside of TCAF, I also got to do some exploring around Toronto.
Remember when I used to hang up whoislauralee stickers all the time?

You had to try the poutine (fries + gravy + cheese curds + toppings) which is surprisingly GOOD despite what its name implies.

Mr Duck tagged along on this trip of course! Here he is at the Bach-inspired Waterfront Music Garden.

At night all of us TCAFers crowded the bars. Comic kids everywhere! Alas, no karaoke this time.

What was the best part of my trip?  Thrift store shopping in Kensington Market with comics legend and vintage-clothing-aficionado Trina Robbins! We had a blast, she is such an vivacious inspiring woman. I also caught her entertaining lecture on great women cartoonists, celebrating trailblazers like Nell Brinkley and Tarpe Mills.

In closing: I'd love to come to TCAF again. Since they curate the artists that participate, the overall QUALITY of the work presented at this show is impressive. They bring together really innovative creators and thoughtful programming. And I love that it's free to attend! But money wise, I'll be honest and say it wasn't a profitable show for me when you work in all the travel costs plus getting your merch across the border.

In my effort to save money, I stayed in this almost-completely-empty dorm. Which was creepy. So yeah, next time I head to TCAF....I think I'll splurge for a hotel.
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